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Combating Vertigo: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy at Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy

Vertigo is a common condition characterized by the feeling of spinning or a sensation of unsteadiness, which can significantly affect an individual’s quality of life. While medications are often prescribed to alleviate the symptoms, vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized form of physiotherapy that can provide more sustained relief. At Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy in Calgary, we offer specialized vestibular rehabilitation services to help patients manage and overcome vertigo.

VRT is an exercise-based program designed to promote central nervous system compensation for inner ear deficits. Essentially, it retrains the brain to use other senses (such as vision and proprioception) to substitute for the deficient vestibular system.

The program begins with an in-depth assessment to understand the patient’s symptoms and identify their specific issues with balance or vision stability. This allows our physiotherapists to develop a tailored exercise regimen that addresses these challenges.

The exercises used in VRT can vary widely, but they typically involve head movement, eye movement exercises, balance training, and specific techniques to reduce dizziness. The goal is to gradually introduce instability to challenge the brain and the body, thereby fostering adaption and recovery.

The effectiveness of VRT hinges on consistency and practice. While the exercises can initially be challenging, with time, perseverance, and the guidance of our skilled therapists, patients can experience significant improvements in symptoms and overall quality of life.

At Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, we understand how debilitating vertigo can be. Our aim is to help our patients regain control of their lives and achieve their functional goals. Whether you’re struggling with balance, experiencing recurrent dizziness, or grappling with other symptoms related to vertigo, our vestibular rehabilitation services could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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