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Dry Needling

Dry Needling

At Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, we offer dry needling as a part of our comprehensive range of treatment modalities. Dry needling is a technique used to treat muscle pain and stiffness. Our trained therapists insert thin needles into your skin, targeting trigger points or 'knots' in your muscles that are causing discomfort. This procedure can help relieve pain, improve flexibility, and enhance range of motion. It's a safe and effective method used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatments, depending on individual patient needs.

Professional Dry Needling therapists in Calgary

Our dry needling therapists are experienced professionals, expertly trained in relieving muscle pain and stiffness through this specialized technique. They use thin needles to precisely target and treat trigger points or 'knots' in your muscles, offering relief and enhancing your range of motion. With a commitment to patient safety and effective results, they work collaboratively with other Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy teams to ensure a comprehensive approach to your wellness journey.

What to expect at your Dry Needling Session

Our dry needling therapist will review your medical history and discuss your symptoms.

Your therapist will examine the affected area to identify muscle knots or trigger points.

The therapist will explain the dry needling process, addressing any questions or concerns you might have.

Thin, sterile needles will be inserted into the trigger points in your muscles. This process may cause a brief muscle twitch or cramp.

You'll be given advice on managing any mild soreness after treatment and guidance on exercises or stretches that may aid recovery.

Regular follow-up sessions will be scheduled to monitor your progress and adjust treatment as necessary.

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