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Abigail Osho (PT. Ph.D.)

Founder and Physiotherapist

Abigail is a licensed physical therapist in Canada. She is a graduate in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine in Nigeria at the University of Lagos and in Canada at the University of Alberta respectively. She is also certified in performing dry needling in Canada.

She has a passion and a desire to help others, and therefore, she chooses to be a physiotherapist. Abigail focuses on rehabilitating patients with sport-related injuries, motor vehicle accident (MVA) related injuries, work-related injuries (WCB), and chronic pain and disease management. During her over ten years of experience, she has dedicated herself to assisting her clients’ return to work, return to sports, and in helping clients to achieve their goals to return to pre-injury level. She is also highly skilled in rehabilitating children, having led a team in Paediatric physiotherapy for six years.

Abigail’s strength is in her ability to engage in research and to utilized evidence-based practice in therapeutic interventions. She patiently listens to her clients and focuses on targeting the cause of their injuries and disabilities to be able to rehabilitate and prevent future recurrence. She has experience in rehabilitating children, young adults, adults, and older adult populations. She has worked in both private and public sectors.

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