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Dr. Yuchee Chih

Welcome Dr. Yuchee Chih! He is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a Registered Acupuncturist whose strong passion for TCM spans for decades. Dr. Yuchee Chih is highly knowledgeable in Internal Medicine. He also has advanced training in Orthopaedic Sport Acupuncture. His approaches are well detailed, and he supports patients in managing pain, maintaining health, and in cultivating wellness and good quality of life.

Dr. Chih completed his advanced studies in China and focused primarily on the endocrine system for chronic disease, immune disorders and reproduction; musculoskeletal pain management, post-stroke recovery, PTSD, headache, depression, anxiety and insomnia; and life cultivation for anti-aging, pre-diabetes, pre-renal and pre-prostate.

He integrates western medicine and other complimentary and alternative medicine practitioners to customize a holistic treatment approach to assist patients to achieve their health care goals.

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