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The field of physiotherapy has been a long-standing passion for me, as evidenced by my graduation from Government Physiotherapy College, affiliated with Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India. Following my graduation, I have remained active within the field of physiotherapy, having worked in different clinics and hospitals in my city before ultimately establishing my own clinic back home. During my time as a practicing physiotherapist, I have participated in a number of workshops and seminars to expand my knowledge and expertise in this field.


Upon my relocation to Canada in 2019, I sought to continue my work as a physiotherapist, beginning as a physiotherapy assistant before finally earning my license and working as a registered physiotherapist. Throughout my career, I have always centered my approach around the patients’ needs, drawing from knowledge and techniques learned during my education and training. Through patient-centred care, education, manual therapy, and functional rehabilitation, I have been able to facilitate the return of many patients to their normal lives.


Moreover, as both a professional and an individual, I have always strived to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, evidenced by my commitment to working out at home, hiking, and jogging. In my leisure time, I enjoy pursuing my passion for cooking, traveling, and photography.

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