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Marcela is a Canadian-born physiotherapist who decided to explore her physiotherapy education and career in Belgium. She graduated from the University of Antwerp, Belgium with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. She currently licensed to practice in Canada.
Since her younger years, Marcela has a strong motivation to assist and aid others in the healthcare sector. Throughout her academic years, she recognized her passion and perseverance working with individuals of all age groups, from children to seniors, helping them to overcome physical impairments and enhancing their quality of life.  Her devotion to her profession and patients has earned her the esteem and appreciation of her colleagues and peers in the healthcare domain. Marcela is always seeking new prospects and challenges to hone her skills and knowledge, striving to provide the highest level of care to her patients.
Overall, she is an outstanding physiotherapist who is genuinely committed to her patients and enthusiastic about serving others. Her dedication, coupled with her compassionate personality, has made her an invaluable contributor to the healthcare community and a role model to those who met her.
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