Pelvic Floor Muscles

The pelvic floor is determined by the thickness of the muscle, tendon, and tissue layers that support the pelvic organs. The anterior genital bones, posterior coccyx, buttocks and deep hip muscles stretch like a cradle.

In women, men, and children, we are uniquely educated to identify and treat abnormalities, pelvic drops, and pelvic pain. Our pelvic physiotherapy clinic in Calgary is designed to address your current problem and its underlying causes, starting with a complete diagnosis.


Our physiotherapists will help you relieve pain caused by an accident, stiffness or physical discomfort. Further, you will regain full functionality as soon as possible. We use a variety of evidence-based Pelvic floor therapies to help you manage your running symptoms. While also providing compelling reasons to get back to doing what you love.

Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and wellness center has been in Calgary for many years and have built a strong relationship and trust with their patients. We can diagnose and treat all musculoskeletal disorders. Our licensed and certified physiotherapists have their own property. Each physiotherapist sharpens their skills in their chosen profession through education and post-graduate experience. Consult with the members of our physiotherapy team for your concern.

We Offer Home Services

We offer physical therapy in the comfort of your home or at our pelvic physiotherapy clinic in Calgary. You can count us to provide you with immediate and long-term relief. Our physiotherapy treatment strategy is patient-centered.

We’ll analyze your situation, diagnose the problem, and work with you to develop the best treatment plan that meets your goals, taking into account your lifestyle and hobbies.

The Price Schedule for Home Visits

The length of the session evaluates the cost of a home visit. Your location and the time it takes for the therapist to arrive. Home visits during the holidays will incur additional charges.

We don’t simply treat you but we’ll also assist you in understanding what’s wrong and look for the underlying causes so you don’t get hurt again. We employ various physiotherapy treatment methods at our physiotherapy clinic, including manual therapies, exercise and counseling.

Our Treatment Process

  • Manual Treatment:

The manual procedures used vary according to your needs. It includes manual therapy, soft tissue work, massage, progressive muscle relaxation, trigger point relaxation, scar relief, and other techniques.

  • Expert Advice And Training

We’ll address your concerns and issues, and most importantly, clarify what’s wrong. You’re more likely to return shortly to view the results. Depending on your needs and what you can achieve or want to achieve, we will provide you with a convenient guide to take home and apply.


Pelvic floor muscles may become weak, overly tense as well as uncomfortable. It’s not just because of the passage of time. Pelvic floor issues are common in young players, and they also frequently arise in women during pregnancy and childbirth.

The purpose of exercise programs is to promote mobility, muscle activation, control and strength. It improves posture and balance as well as increases functionality and well-being. Further, muscle rehabilitation is essential for optimal function and performance. Alongside, our physiotherapists specialize in training programs.

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We must pick up the stress first, then the weakness. If your pelvic floor muscles can’t relax with the sound of a nap, it’s hard to get them into position or move them. Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Wellness Center is a leading pelvic physiotherapy clinic in Calgary. Our experienced and well-trained professional physiotherapists provide patients with pelvic floor treatments. Call 403-454-1958 to make an appointment with us at any time. Online reservation is also possible on our website.