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Physiotherapy Services in Calgary

Our fully licensed professional therapists have years of experience in rehabilitation services. The therapists at Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, & Wellness Centre evaluate the patients' medical history as well as diagnosis through tests in the first phase of the appointment. We can understand our patients' situation, specific goals, and are able to explain to the patient about the required treatment plans and suitable therapy to achieve their goals. Our experienced and highly skilled physiotherapists evaluate your conditions and provide therapeutic interventions to alleviate your pain, limit your functional limitations, and daily activities challenges.

Our specialized areas of intervention include but are not limited to:

The professional helps patients with urinary difficulties or pelvic floor conditions. We treat the patient to return them to normal life and take care of our patients' privacy concerns as well.

We help the patient to recover their brain injuries and difficulties of the nervous system. Our reliability facility minimizes the functional alterations happening inpatient’s brain.

In vestibular rehabilitation service we make sure to improve the problem of dizziness usually a person feels during exercise. Through our vestibular course, we improve the balance that is required during exercise.

In these services, our professionals work with seniors to achieve their goals. We rehabilitate senior citizens with numerous aging challenges such as falls, fall-related injuries, bone weakness, muscle weakness, and chronic pains. Through our physiotherapy services in Calgary, we bring ease and relief to the life of old citizens of Calgary.

Our experts help the client in movement and functioning of their body with our physiotherapy services. Through proper suggested therapy the patient is capable to overcome movement disorders. Usually, children face movement disorders from birth but under the umbrella of our expert’s guideline, the patient feels at ease in movement. With the help of physiotherapy, we can treat the patients of accident or injury as well. Regular therapy helps to reduce pain and stiffness in patients’ movement and also increase mobility.

We have a specialized professional who treatments and cares for babies, children, and young people from birth to 12 years. Our pediatric physiotherapists bring their specialist skills as physiotherapists and have additional expert knowledge and experience of child development and of childhood disabilities.

After the initial evaluation, an individually tailored treatment plan is established to achieve the appropriate goals set in collaboration with family members. In our clinic, structured play activities take the form of therapeutic exercises to accomplish the desired goals set during therapy, while engaging a child’s attention and motivation. We believe in holistic approach which addresses all set goals for the kids for full potential and maximum recovery.

Our therapists utilize the latest technology in equipment and evidence-based interventions. Our clinic has fully equipped floor space full for,

For Physiotherapy in Calgary for Injuries, our professional team uses a variety of latest tools to treat the injuries for effective results to achieve clients' goals.

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