Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, & Wellness Centre is the mark of excellence due to its excellent services to clients at their doorsteps in all the quadrants of Calgary. We have experienced and highly skilled team members of therapists who are passionate about their work. We are one of the best Chiropractor clinics in Calgary with chiropractors who understand the pain of patients and who are knowledgeable in providing relief for their pain through skilled chiropractic interventions.

To help in relaxing tight muscles, relieve spasms, and release tightness in the fascia.

To gently realign joints, relieve pain, and increase the range of motion.

To stabilize and encourage healing in the sprained joints or muscles of the body parts.

To increase or maintain mobility, range of motion, and functions.

For guidance on further relevant assessment and interventions, and lifestyle modifications such as diet and nutrition, and to promote weight loss.

Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, & Wellness Centre’ highly qualified chiropractors also use the necessary tools and modern techniques for treating sports-specific injuries in patients. Where required, they recommend testing for diagnostic reports such as X-rays for visualizing internal structures. CT scans, and MRI.

They have the knowledge, skills, and advice to get you back to your game and everyday life activities. We also facilitate orthopedic braces for injury in patients and treat kids, young adults, adults, and older adults.

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